SEALPS CHALLENGE, 12-15.9.2017

The SEALPS CHALLENGE is unique, 4 day cycling experience that takes you from the Adriatic sea into the heart of Slovenian Alps. It is cycling’s first multi-day stage race for amateurs in the region.

You and your teammate will be able to experience riding on a stage race, while organizers will make sure the roads are closed and you have all support you need - mechanical support, medical teams, road security, photographs.

Experienced rider or challenger cyclists, you will experience the challenge and enjoy riding through beautiful landscape of Primorska region, Kras region and through the valley of one of the most beautiful rivers Soča. It is up to you how to take the challenge - you will push yourself to your limits – and experience what it’s really like to ‘ride like a pro’ - or enjoy in picturesque nature of Slovenia from the Adriatic sea to the Alps at a more relaxed pace.

Hostel Stara Šola Korte

Get to know a SeAlps partner: Stara šola Korte cyclists friendly Guesthouse

Guesthouse Stara šola Korte has been investing in positive cycling experience of its guests. That is why it immediately recognized SeAlps as a valuable event for cycling tourism in the region of Istria. The first stage of SeAlps will be ended in the courtyard of the cycling guesthouse itself.


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